My life

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Mi name is Yuli Estefan Vicaña Gonzalez

I was born in espinal in the hospital San Rafael

I live in the neighborhood betania in the house number 4-05

My mothers name is Nilsa Maria Gonzalez Guzman

My mom is a housewife

My fathers name isGerman Guillermo Vicaña

My dad is a police

I have a sister

my pet is a dog and his dark marfy name

I like eat chinese rice

I will study dental mechanics at Politecnico in Ibagué

My personality

I am person very sincerely

little tolerant

in occasions am envious whith the people that not me like treat

I like to do

Me like play to jump the rope

listen music and read

My team of football favorite this is

Tolima Sports

My sport favorite this is

The basketball

I am of him afraid to the snakes

My friends

This is my family

output to naranjos

output to ibagué

visit to the university of Tolima and two shopping centers

the country that me like know this is Italy